It is worth noting that when determining the diagnosis, it is important to exclude the possible cause of valtrex, which consists in infections, diseases of the blood or skin.
Drug exposure is required if allergy symptoms are present for a long period of time, and the patient's condition is rapidly deteriorating. In such cases, there is a need to use antihistamines such as Diphenhydramine and Suprastin.
Itching is often the result of liver failure.
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The method of treatment is determined by the doctor, depending on the type of allergy and the course of diabetes in a particular patient. Symptoms of an allergic reaction, manifested with a mild degree of intensity, usually disappear on their own after an hour, this condition does not require additional intervention.

Insulin dosages are somewhat reduced, injections are made more often. You should constantly alternate the injection sites of insulin. Bovine or porcine insulin is replaced with purified human insulin. If the treatment was ineffective, the patient is administered insulin along with hydrocortisone. A systemic reaction requires emergency medical attention. The patient is injected with antihistamines, adrenaline. The placement in a hospital for ensuring breath and blood circulation is shown.

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I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago. Everything was fine, apart from my general hysteria about being sick. Now I'm taking Levemir, and lately I've been regularly dealing with allergies. A rash appears at the injection site, it itches a lot.

I have never used this insulin before. What should I do? Good afternoon, Tatyana. You should contact your doctor and determine the true cause of the reactions. When was Levemir assigned to you? What was used before it and what changes appeared?

I have been using Pensulin for a week. I began to notice the manifestation of itching, but not only at the injection site, but throughout the body. Is it an allergy? And how can a diabetic live without insulin?


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In any case, you need to consult a doctor and exclude the possibility of manifestations of Valtrex in the work of any internal organs. The cause of itching all over the body can be not only insulin.

Have you used Pensulin before? This is pork insulin, which can be an allergen. The least allergenic human insulin. In its manufacture, sufficient purification is carried out, and it does not contain a protein alien to humans, that is, there are alternative options for the appointment, be sure to consult a doctor.


Valtrex is an antiviral medication that contains the drug Valacyclovir.

Allergic reaction and other complications of insulin therapy.

Complications of insulin therapy Complications after administration of insulin. Veil before the eyes.

In fact, the appearance of the veil is the result of a change in the refraction of the lens, and it disappears on its own from the field of view 2 or 3 weeks after the start of insulin therapy. Therefore, there is no need to stop giving insulin injections when a veil appears before the eyes.

One of the most frequently observed complications of insulin therapy is the appearance of a veil before the eyes, which causes significant discomfort in patients, especially when trying to read something. Being uninformed in this matter, people begin to sound the alarm, and some even believe that this symptom marks the development of such a complication of diabetes as retinopathy, that is, eye damage in diabetes mellitus.

Insulin swelling of the legs. This symptom, like the veil before the eyes, is transient.

The appearance of edema is associated with the retention of sodium and water in the body as a result of the start of insulin therapy. Gradually, the patient's body adapts to new conditions, and leg swelling is eliminated on its own. For the same reason, at the very beginning of insulin therapy, a transient increase in blood pressure can be observed.

Lipohypertrophy. This complication of insulin therapy is not as common as the first two. Lipohypertrophy is characterized by the appearance of fatty seals in the area of ​​subcutaneous insulin injection. The exact cause of the development of lipohypertrophy has not been established, however, there is a significant relationship between the places where fatty seals appear and areas of frequent injections of the hormone insulin. That is why you should not inject insulin constantly into the same part of Valacyclovir pills, it is important to alternate injection sites correctly.

In general, lipohypertrophy does not lead to a deterioration in the condition of patients with diabetes mellitus, unless, of course, they are of enormous size. And do not forget that these seals lead to a deterioration in the rate of absorption of VALTREX from a localized area, so you should try your best to prevent their appearance. In addition, lipohypertrophy significantly disfigures the human body, that is, leads to the appearanceyu cosmetic defect.

Lipoatrophy, that is, the disappearance of subcutaneous fat with the formation of a hole in the area of ​​​​insulin injection. This is an even rarer side effect of insulin therapy, but it is important to be informed nonetheless. The reason for the appearance of lipoatrophy is an immunological reaction in response to injections of low-quality, insufficiently purified insulin hormone preparations of animal origin.

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